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The “Light Poem” – I Invite You to Share This Special Gift

For those of you who have a True North bookmark, you will know the “Light Poem”, which is on the back of the bookmark.

For those who may not know it, here it is:

Within each of us, there is a light
A light that shines eternal
It is the light of the rising Sun
It is the light of the full moonTrueNorthBookmark
It is the light of the stars
In the darkest night
It is the light in a mother’s eyes
Gleaming at her newborn
It is the light between lovers
As they embrace
It is the light in the path of souls
On their journey to the other side

It is the light of Love
It is the light of Being
It is the light of God
See the light
Be the light
Shine the light
For all to see.

I share this with you because this “Light Poem” seems to have more applications than I was aware of.

As a volunteer at the Breakthrough Men’s Community, I spend every Wednesday evening helping men work through the issues that have caused their lives to be less than fulfilling.  Recently, one of the men approached me at the end of the evening and asked to buy a copy of my book, True North, The Shocking Truth about Yours, Mine and Ours.  I went out to my car and brought back a copy which included the bookmark that comes with every book.

My friend shared that he went out to his car, sat down and read the “Light Poem” that is on the bookmark, and immediately called the home of his sister who was dying.  When her husband answered the phone, my friend asked how she was doing.  Her husband’s response was, “She’s still comatose, and her breathing is labored.” My friend asked the husband to put the phone up to her ear.  “But she is in a coma,” the husband responded.  “Please, just do it.” My friend insisted.

The husband did as requested.  As he held the phone to her ear, my friend read the “Light Poem” to her.  As he read the stanza, “It is the light in the path of souls, On their journey to the other side,” his sister took a deep breath, and passed away.

It seemed that hearing the poem gave her permission to follow the light. No one could have known this would happen, but what a glorious event!  Looking back, it makes so much sense to me.  We are beings of light! We come into this world out of the light and we return to the light.  We are not just our physical bodies, but we inhabit them during our journey here on Earth. We are the life force, the light that animates them.

I remember the day I received the “Light Poem”.  I was at an Ayurveda Retreat, and had just received a wonderful rejuvenation treatment. While resting afterwards, I began a meditation. Anyone who has a mediation practice will know that it is common for creative ideas and inspirations to come in those quiet, subtle moments as we settle down from the more active thought process into more abstract, deeper levels of the self.  It was as though someone had opened a scroll with the “Light Poem” written on it and held it in front of me to read. It appeared all at once.

These inspirations and creative ideas often leave as quickly as they arrive with not a trace remaining after the mediation.  I have often had the thought, “I know there was something important that came to me, but I can’t remember what it was.” But in this instance, when I finished my meditation, the “Light Poem” was indelibly etched into my awareness.  I quickly got up and found a pen and paper and wrote it down.  I think of the poem as a gift that came through me to share with humanity.

I am grateful to have participated in some small way assisting in the passing of my Breakthrough Brother’s sister.  I believe that two of the most important events in our lives are when we are born and when we leave this physical plane and return to the light from where we came.  I invite you to share this special gift.

See the Light, Be the Light, Shine the Light for all to see!

Blessings to You,

Tom North

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