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The book shows that with truth, healing and forgiveness is possible.

“True North – The Shocking Truth about ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’  is a deep look into the truths behind the lies of a family perceived by many as a happy one, but had deep dark secrets buried within. The book shows that with truth, healing and forgiveness is possible.”

-Philippe Matthews, host of “The Philippe Matthews Show”

For me, Tom North’s book was a “page turner.” Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down.

I saw the movie when it was released in 1968 and parts of it when it was shown on late night TV. It is one of those movies that leaves you with the “warm fuzzies” wondering why you didn’t have a family like that. It was obvious that a  great deal of it was fiction, but you wanted it to be true.

It was not a surprise to learn that it was not all true—not even close. Tom North’s story is very similar to the stories of the foster children who have survived physical and sexual abuse in foster home after foster home and grew up to lead productive lives, writing about their survival in an attempt to help other children survive the foster care system. Some don’t survive and all don’t thrive.

But the Beardsley and North children grew up in an abusive home and had to put on the happy  faces of the children in “Yours, Mine and Ours.” And their abuse came from either their dad or their stepdad and a mother who looked the other way. It made me wonder:  Where is abuse more damaging—from the hands of your own parents or from people you are assigned to? Hearing that you are “no good” and “will never amount to anything” coming from a stranger isn’t nearly as powerful and damaging as the same words coming from your Mom or Dad.  Tom heard this on a regular basis as he was growing up.

Tom’s story is one of struggle,  survival and thriving.  It reminds me of  the story of a butterfly. The caterpillar is Tom Beardsley; Transcendental Meditation is the cocoon; and Tom North emerges beautiful and able to fly.  Excuse me if that is too trite or cliché.

For me it is an important book. It is another reminder that things are not always what they seem and that there are thousands of children who are in similar situations who need help.  It also reminds me that there is help and, finding that help, healing is possible. Tom found that help in TM.

Who should read this book? Every parent and step parent, every social worker in state agencies that work with children, every teacher, and anyone who has seen the movie, “Yours, Mine and Ours”It should be read by anyone who has been abused and is still seeking help with the healing process.  And it should be read by those who think meditation is a passive exercise with no tangible results.

- Dr. Irene Conlan, The Self Improvement Blog

Tom North’s TRUE NORTH showcases his journey to find true direction in his life.

All that glitters is not gold.

We’ve heard that so much we don’t think about how the truth of those words feel for those who have to live them. Just ask Tom North. He was part of a blended family that may have appeared to be whole, but in truth was full of cracks caused by insecurities, abuse and feelings of hopelessness. In his book TRUE NORTH we are able to see beyond the veil to the lives of those that were directly affected by a tumultuous upbringing and how the residual effects caused problems they could not have expected.

For Tom there was hope, and it came in the understanding and the yearning for something larger than himself. He found solace in meditation and in discovering the importance of a spiritual awakening—and that was what he needed to not just follow his own path but eventually try to bring together those that he loved the most.

TRUE NORTH allow us to see that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in there is nothing that we can’t overcome if we are willing to do the work. Tom was willing to do what was necessary, even though it wasn’t easy. He was able to thrive, allowing us to see that so could we.

-Cyrus Webb, Conversations Book Club

…not just for yourself, but if you have a friend or family or a colleague who is trapped in a dysfunctional relationship, this is an excellent book.

“Tom North is a motivating and inspiring human being and speaker who has overcome enormous odds; but more than just overcoming, Tom is dedicating his life to uplift millions of other people who face similar odds and live in a prison of domestic violence for which, especially when you are young, you see no escape. Tom has an interesting story to tell. I wish it was a unique one. We’d like to think that’s a rare occasion or only happens in some of the tougher neighborhoods, but it’s widespread. Having traumatic experiences growing up skews our lives – it undermines our brain function – it destroys our health.

Tom tells us about what it was like to grow up in a very famous family on the outside, and the horrors and the hells behind the scenes. But Tom hasn’t written a book just to talk about that – it’s not just another story of a person who had a tough life growing up in a famous family – but more about the idea that Tom found a solution, and that’s Transcendental Meditation.

I really encourage listeners to pick up Tom North’s book – you’re going to learn a lot – not just for yourself, but if you have a friend or family or a colleague who is trapped in a dysfunctional relationship, this is an excellent book.”

-Bob Roth, Host “Success Without Stress”, SiriusXM 104

This story needs to be read by anyone who has suffered abuse…

“This story needs to be read by anyone who has suffered abuse – not just physically or sexually but also emotionally. Tom North’s healing journey is truly amazing and inspirational.”

- Mandy Edwards

This is a story of how TM brought peace to Tom North and saved his life.

“It’s a story of how Transcendental Meditation (TM) brought peace to Tom North and saved his life. It brings to light how effective TM is as a means for healing trauma survivors and especially those who have endured any form of verbal, physical or sexual abuse.”

-Jackie Lapin, Founder Conscious Media Relations and bestselling author of “Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires” 

Beautifully written and inspirational story – from victim to victor…

How well I recall loving the Lucille Ball/Henry Fonda “Yours, Mine and Ours” movie, as well as the Rene Russo/Dennis Quaid remake.  Reading Tom North’s True North, I was shocked to learn the ‘real truth’.  As a child advocate, I was disheartened when I read that Tom and his siblings reached out to the church to relate their fears those fears were discounted. Tom’s beautifully written and inspirational story tells us of his journey from victim to victor.

-Susan Nissenbaum, Washoe County CASA Foundation, Director and Volunteer Advocate


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