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Connecting with Suppressed Feelings is a Path to Freedom

Last week as my wife, Connie, and I worked on the final revisions of my book, True North, our task was to read the book out loud to each other and search for mistakes that might have been missed in previous edits.  As I read the book and came to sections that were potentially emotional, I found myself crying in the same way I cried when I first wrote the book.  I actually surprised myself, as I had thought I had already worked through many of those emotionally charged memories.  It would seem I hadn’t.  I have learned that it is OK to revisit and attempt to understand these events of the past in an attempt to integrate the experience and own it.  I understand that only then can we relieve ourselves of the burden that we carry in our sub-conscious mind.  As I mention in the Forward of True North, it is not easy to confront these memories and the process is ongoing; but the effort is well worth the time and attention we put into it.  As we connect with the feelings we have suppressed for God knows how many years, there is a relief and a freedom that results.  This is certainly my experience and I believe it can be yours as well.

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