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We must Love and Protect Our Children Every Day

The other day I was reading Dear Abby in the local newspaper, and yes, I do read Dear Abby.  One letter that jumped out at me was from a 15 year old girl who complained that her parents constantly call her unkind names and berate her for a variety of imperfections she has.  She went on to comment on how much this hurts her feelings and even though she asks them to stop, and try to be kind, they persist in their cruelty to her and her brothers and sisters.

Lacking more information about the family circumstances, it is impossible to know what the dynamics are that create such unhappiness for the children and clearly for the parents, but as I read the letter, my heart just about broke for this young girl.  In my opinion, there is just no excuse for subjecting children of any age to verbal or physical abuse.  The damage done is not irreparable, (though in some cases it may be if no help is given), but the suffering caused is unnecessary and avoidable.  Just a little love and caring go such a long way.  Every child is entitled to parental support and love; or why have children in the first place!

There are many reasons why adults who were abused in their childhood perpetuate the behaviors of their own parents and abuse their own children. But there is hope.  If you find yourself abused, or abusing someone else, please get help.  There are resources in most communities that you can access to improve your situation.

The International Day of Protection for Children is celebrated in many countries around the world on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Dedicated people and organizations are working to end children’s poverty, hunger and deprivation, protecting children’s rights and ending child abuse. We must love and protect our children every day.

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