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I Look Forward to Sitting in Stillness in the Maharishi Golden Dome

My astrologer friends tell me that the recent new moon in Pisces presented us with the perfect time to go within and be in silence while enjoying spiritual connection and state of being. Seems we have all been living in a spell of action-oriented behavior for a while, and we all need to slow down a bit. They also suggest that it is a time for receiving spiritual rejuvenation through silence and stillness.

So, it is perfect that I am on my way to take a meditation course at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.  I look forward to sitting in the Maharishi Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge.  With eyes closed and the attention inward, accessing the Bliss of Pure Consciousness becomes the only activity, which is non-activity!


Twice a day, over 1000 people gather in the Domes to practice Transcendental Meditation (TM)
to promote peace and harmony in the world

The healing power of TM has been well documented in over 4,000 scientific studies conducted over the last 50 years.  I have written about TM and my own healing journey in True North – The Shocking Truth about “Yours, Mine and Ours.”  I cannot tell you where I would be today if I had not had the good fortune and/or guidance that directed me to learn to practice TM back in 1975. Before I learned TM, I was so angry and bitter that I could not even give a compliment.  As soon as I learned to meditate, it was as if a giant burden had been lifted from my soul.  I found myself giving compliments as if I had always been doing so. People began to ask what was different about me.  They couldn’t quite put their finger on it, but there was a noticeable difference in my demeanor and my tone of voice.  They told me there was something new, and it was good.  Some of them suggested that whatever I was doing, to keep doing it!

“By enlivening this most basic level of life, Transcendental Meditation is that one simple procedure which can raise the life of every individual and every society to its full dignity, in which problems are absent and perfect health, happiness, and a rapid pace of progress are the natural features of life.”
- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

My observation has been that we are all in a time of transition which has an element of chaos about it.  It also has an aspect of dramatic transformation into a higher, broader awareness, both individually and collectively – that is happening whether we like it or not.  My hunch is that to attempt to resist the changes we are invited into will bring discomfort.  To flow with them will bring a joy and an affirmation of our experience as we grow in our own awareness.

Astrologer Jonathan Cainer reminds us, “There’s a cosmic force that gets unleashed when people reach silently into their hearts to commune with their highest hopes and deepest prayers. When millions of us do this in one spirit, we can effectively alter everything.”

Each of us has a choice to make at this moment.  We can either stay connected to the fast and furious pace of activity we have been locked into recently, or we can choose to turn our attention inward and slow down for now.  We can get caught up in the chaos, or we can flow with the changes through stillness.

If you feel the need to slow the pace and enjoy the quiet space within, it may be that you are feeling the effects of this magical time in Pisces. Seeking silence is a very good way to align ourselves with what is already taking place.  It’s our own choice.  I know what mine is. What’s yours?

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