True North Productions

True North Productions Announces Release of eBook

True North Productions announces the release of the eBook versions of True North – The Shocking Truth about “Yours, Mine and Ours” by Tom North. The book was converted by BookBaby eBooks which offers the largest eBook distribution network, including Amazon,  Kobo,  Sony, Scribed and many other popular retailers in over 170 countries around the globe.

casa_v_redblue_R_alt_rgbNEW: Now readers can choose to order signed and personalized copies of the book from the publisher as well as the new eBook PDF online version. True North Productions will donate 10% of proceeds from the publisher’s store purchases to National CASA Voices for Children.

Author Tom North, an Official Supporter of National CASA Voices for Children, remarks, “We are grateful for the opportunity to support this organization that is making a change in children’s lives; lifting them up and giving them hope.”

National CASA Association CEO, Michael Piraino, states, “Reading Tom’s book and hearing Tom talk about it gives me the faith that we can change children’s lives no matter what they’ve been through as long as we’re willing to hear the story, come forward and do something to help. That is so exciting because what it helps us do is lift up those lives so they can be who they were meant to be. We help get all the history of abuse and neglect out of the way for them so they can become happy productive adults.”




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