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“Breakthrough for Men” Helped Me Rewrite the Negative Programming Planted in My Mind

Imagine you are a disc-jockey, constantly arranging music for your listeners. Now imagine that there is selection software in the system you operate that drives your musical selections, but you don’t know about it. You are selecting music every day, but you are unaware that you are being directed to these selections by instructions deep in the computer you are using to broadcast the music.

Our minds are much like this music selection system for our imaginary disc-jockey. Many, if not most of our behavioral decisions are driven by sub-conscious instructions that were planted there during our childhood by our guardians at the time. For many people, including me, that set of subconscious instructions can be counter-productive to growth and happiness. If we were told that we were not good people, for example, “You are a bad boy (or girl)!” and we believed it, (which all children do), then it is possible that we will make behavioral choices that will reinforce that negative image of ourselves throughout our lives.

It took me a long time to overcome those errant instructions that were fed to me throughout my childhood and to rewrite that mental software in my mind, but I assure you, it can be done! There are educational organizations that help in this regard. For example, I am a graduate of Breakthrough for Men, in Carmel, California, a group that has developed a program for men who want to rewrite the recordings and instructions in their minds that result in self-defeating behavioral choices. By the way, there is a companion group for women called BreakfreeNow. Check them out!

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