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All blog posts mentioning child abuse and/or child abuse prevention.

TM is Proven to Reduce Stress Caused by Trauma of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

The Season of Love

Remembering John Lennon and the Message from His Song, “Crippled Inside”

We Don’t Have to Relive the Sad and Bad Memories of Christmas Past

Share My True Story. Share Your True Story.

Hope for Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse – With Help, Children can Grow Up to be the People They Were Meant to Be

We can Stop the Perpetuation of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

Tom North is an Official Supporter of National CASA Voices for Children

Tom North’s Story of Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse is Featured in the Monterey County Herald

Did You Know That FIVE Children Will DIE From Child Abuse and Neglect Today – Or that Every 13 Seconds a Child is Abused in the U.S.?

Readers are Finding Their Own True Story When They Read My True Story

Transcendental Meditation can help Victims of the Silent Epidemic, Traumatic Stress, which can be Caused by Living in a State of Fear, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

Transcendental Meditation – The First Step to My Survival and Recovery from a Life of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

NIH Study Concludes Childhood Traumatic Stress Incidents, such as Child Abuse, Lead to Autoimmune Diseases Decades into Adulthood

Revisiting Scenes from “Yours, Mine and Ours”

We Can Learn About a Strong Family Unit and Family Love, From Elephants

On Father’s Day, I Honor the Memory of my Father, Richard North.

We must Love and Protect Our Children Every Day

Out of the Darkness and In the News Again – Child Abuse and Sex Crimes from Members of the Catholic Church

“Breakthrough for Men” Helped Me Rewrite the Negative Programming Planted in My Mind

Be Present with Your Children – Cherish Your Children

The Inconvenient Truth about Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

My Desire for Love and Approval from my Mother

Fear of Rejection and Abandonment

Connecting with Suppressed Feelings is a Path to Freedom

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